Zap Training

Understanding Zap Operators
Standard Mounting on a Solid Torsion Shaft
Standard Mounting on a Hollow Torsion Shaft
Inverted Mounting
Rear Mount Torsion Mounting
Offset Mounting
Front Mount Low Headroom Mounting
Dead Axle Rolling Sheet Door Operator Mounting
Live Axle Rolling Sheet Door Operator Mounting
Compact Dead Axle Sheet Door Operator Mounting
Bowden Cable and Override Lever Mounting
Setting Proper Belt Tension
Controller Case Mounting
115V Power Wiring
208-230V Single Phase Power Wiring
480 3 Phase Power Wiring
Low Voltage Motor Wiring
401002 Photo Eye Mounting
401002 Photo Eye Wiring
Initial Operator Setup
840 Receiver Installation
Zap Transmitter Programming
Linear Mega Code Delta 3 Receiver Wiring
Chamberlain 355 Receiver Wiring
Chamberlain 412 HM Receiver Wiring
Chamberlain 365 LM Receiver Wiring
Marantec External 115V Receiver Wiring
850 Beeper Module Installation
8070 Auto Lock Installation
8830 Battery Backup Installation
Truck Restraint Wiring
Dock Interlock Wiring to 82 DTLM
Truck Driver Communication Light Wiring to 82 DTLM
Advance Close Warning Device Wiring to 822
Interlocking Two Controllers in the Open Position
Using 82 DTLM to Control On Off Functions of Accessories
Door Closed Interlock
Interlocking Two Controllers in a Sally Port Configuration
Through Traffic Light Wiring Using an 82 TLM
Through Traffic Light with Advance Warning Wiring Using an 821
Additional 3 Button Station Wiring
Single Contact Device to Cause Cyclic Operation
Single Contact Device to Cause Open Function
Single Contact Device to Cause Close Function
871 Interface Expansion Module Installation
871 Fire Station Module Installation
872 Adapter Module Installation
Constant Pressure Close with Photo Cell to Stop on Obstruction
Dock Light Wiring Instruction
Auto Close Programming
Auto Close Temporary Defeat
Delay Close Programming
Part Open Programming
Close Slow Close Fast Speed Programming
Service Due Reminder
Operations Counter