New Zap Series 3 Models Have Arrived!

With the new Zap series 3 models, there are multiple advantages over the previous models.  First, you no longer need the 871 interface module to connect an external receiver/radio.  The function is built in on the main circuit board.  Second, all 8800 models have all metal gears in the gear box.  Third, the case lid (controller cover) hinges upon opening and with the larger controllers, you can normally fit your external receiver inside the Zap control box.  Last but not least, the entire operator including the Fraba photo eyes (required or constant pressure to close) are nema 4 rated out of the box, so they can be installed in a wet or dry application with no upgrades.  Oh and I almost forgot…the price is the best part!

If you are interested in pricing or have questions, please contact Josh Enabnit at 866-860-6927 or [email protected]